We Can Judge The Intelligence of a Society By the Number of Libraries – Okay, Let’s Go Turbo!

Well, the United States of America should certainly thank Benjamin Franklin and Carnegie for all the libraries in our great nation. The gift of knowledge is an incredible gift to humanity and to our society and civilization. Sometimes I worry that in our fast paced world people are not reading and learning anymore. They simply soak up information from the media and call that fact, think they are smart and they know something, when all the while the media is filled with nonsensical propaganda, a good bit of it quite political.

This is a reality that we are all aware of, but that hasn’t changed the issue of fewer people visiting our libraries these days. Yes, there is more information online, and you look up anything you want from your home computer or mobile tech device. That’s nice, and it’s also nice to have discovery channels on TV, Ted videos, and Google Scholar. Still, it’s not time to put the library books into a museum just yet. We still need people to read and write, and books are quite valuable. We need more books in our society, not fewer.

One of the coolest programs that I’ve ever seen is the “Little Free Libraries” program, to find out more check out; TransitionLA (dot) org. The program wants users to “take a book and leave a book” and then puts hundreds or thousands of book Kiosks throughout the city, at bus stops, parks, and public places. Most look like Bird Houses with shelves around them.

Imagine if your city had little miniature bookshelves protected from the environment all over the city. Imagine them literally everywhere. It would keep the books alive, keep them in circulation, and recycle this information over and over again. I can’t think of a greater thing for humanity. In many regards this is just like distributive energy, it would be distributive libraries. It also gets the books where they need to be, in the hands of people, having people read actual books rather than wasting time.

The more books we have around, the more people will realize how important it is to read, therefore they will learn to read, in English. Just that simple reminder everywhere will remind people to pick up a book, and start reading. That would be a good thing for humanity and a great thing for our own society here at home. Further, we could put anti-bacteria compounds amongst the bookshelves, along with anti-mold type substances. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. I also hope you will look into this project, and perhaps initiate the program in your own city or town.