Want to Know the Smartest Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Books?

Some of us can’t live without books. In fact, there are a lot of us professed geeks and intellectuals who live in houses that are virtual libraries. Books are cluttered on the dining table, the laundry machine, all over the bed and just about everywhere. And it’s just the way you want it to be! There are few things more enjoyable for some people than to know that everywhere they turn there is a perfectly good book to keep them company-and a lot of us need little else.

But there are times when you get tired of a few of your titles. Either that or you just feel the compulsive need to give to those less fortunate with the plenty that you have. But whatever your reason, you feel that great urge to just give away or get rid of some of your books. Maybe you just don’t like or agree with some of them anymore? Whatever your reasons, here are some of the best ways to lose those books in a hurry:

- Make some cash with them: Just as long as your books are in reasonable condition, you can make a lot of money by selling your books, especially the rarest and most sought after titles in your collection. You can use the money that you generate from selling your books to fund yourself in buying another book collection to equal or surpass the one you have now.

- Be charitable: With the rate of illiteracy threatening to balloon out of proportion, wouldn’t it give you a lot of warmth in that heart of yours to know that your beloved books will go to a good cause? The good karma generated by giving away your books without expecting anything in return is also priceless. Being good does have its benefits!

- Expand your community library: Even with the rise of the Internet as the primary source for research and intellectual forays these days, libraries are still resorted to as a bastion of knowledge and enlightenment. Everyone from grade-schoolers to established scholars frequent the library for all their knowledge needs. And if you find that your community library is short on books, why not donate yours to them for the betterment of the whole area? Now that’s doing people a good turn right there.