The Online Library Is Taking a Step Further in Educating the World

Using an online library has numerous advantages over the conventional library. In order to use a conventional library, book lovers have to physically go there at a specific time and search for the books needed. If a book has already been borrowed by another person for reading and extra copies are not available a user is compelled to choose another book or go home empty handed. In a normal library a person can only borrow a book for a set amount of time: borrowed books have to be read quickly. All the problems mentioned above have been solved by the online library. The online library has no physical restraints: you can borrow/read books from the comfort of your living room couch using your computer. In general you also do not have the issue of digital copies of a book running out. In addition to the afore-mentioned, searching through/for a book is as easy as can be using the online library.

With the click of a mouse button the digital book is in front of the reader to devour. Also comparative analysis between digital versions and paperback versions of the same book has shown that digital books are generally cheaper than their paperback brethren. The most important advantage that an online library has over a conventional library is that the conventional library is generally restricted to certain locales, and in places where no conventional library is present people are deprived of precious knowledge. The online library does not have the afore-mentioned problem: online libraries can generally be accessed from anywhere in the world where computers and internet is available. In addition to the preceding cons associated with using a traditional library, there are also substantial costs associated with maintaining the physical buildings/artefacts associated with a conventional library. Also, in villages that abound in third world countries, conventional libraries are rare and the furtherance of education through the use of the conventional library is impossible. Online libraries are pervasive across the internet and are generally cheaper to maintain or use in comparison to the conventional library.

A Social library is basically an online library with a social component. The social library has further enhanced the importance of online libraries. The social library’s connection with social sites has given a new user experience to the avid book lover. Sharing a book and also sharing thoughts about a book has become easier. The trouble with sharing a paperback edition with a friend living far away is not only time consuming but also tiresome. With social libraries, sharing a book with a friend/colleague half way around the world is as easy as clicking on one mouse button. Eric Fromm was famously quoted as saying “Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?” The Social Library is the answer to Eric’s question!