Our Libraries Need Our Help

Libraries have had to evolve, expanding their services, programs and community resources over the years and have become our best source for free assistance and information. Today you can find:

  • Research assistance - Got a question, a project or need some how-to information? There’s always someone to help you search.
  • Adult Literacy Programs - Free tutoring for those who need help with reading writing and spelling is provided
  • Children’s Storytime and Reading Programs are not just for school age children but also toddlers, preschoolers, teens and families. These programs don’t just promote literacy but also foster a love for reading and books.
  • CDs or DVDs, Audiobooks - All media literacy is vital and fun.
  • E-readers, Electronic Libraries - So you can find out if you prefer to read physical pages or screens.
  • Wireless Internet Connections not only for the library’s devices but also your personal devices.
  • Computer and Internet Use - Ever have your computer crash right in the middle of something?
  • Technology Training - Look for a class or how-to session.

Unfortunately, today many of the nation’s public libraries are in financial trouble putting their collections, programs and professional expertise in jeopardy.

Where can public libraries find help?

Non-profit Friends of the Library groups have devoted extensive time and creativity to their branches. They arrange fundraisers of all sorts including:

  • Book Nooks – ongoing book sales within the library itself
  • Sales of specialized book donations through the internet
  • Solicit donations from community businesses
  • Special events such as Petting Zoo appearances to lure more patrons

Grants are often available from state libraries, city, county or federal governments that not only provide funds for new technology and media but also make building maintenance, renovations and refurbishment possible.

Patron donations of only $1 or $5 can be meaningful but so is volunteering. Volunteers are needed for children’s programs, literacy tutoring, story time, computer training, shelving…call your library and ask how you can provide support.