New Authors – Go to Your Local Library to Sell Your Books and Market Your Business

New authors often reach a point where they have finished writing their book and now want to begin selling it. But they often have no idea where to begin. They try to sell it online, with little or no success; they try to sell it to friends and family with the same level of success.

So what should a new author do? Is there a market for their book? How can they sell their first books and start a professional writing business?

Start by going to your local library, here’s why;

o Libraries – check out your local library, even a small town library can serve a community of 20 – 30 thousand people. And most libraries have at least one third to one half of the community as patrons. That could mean 10 thousand people or more that could see your book and learn about who you are what you can do for them.

o Used Book Sales – donate a copy of your book to the library as an inexpensive way to market your business using your book.

o Book Signing – ask to do a book signing in the library, this is a great way to speak to your prospects and local community. Most libraries let local authors do book signings.

o Give Presentations – most local libraries have meeting rooms, where you can give speeches and presentations, maybe even a workshop or two. You could use your book as the study guide for the class.

o Local Authors section – ask to setup a local authors section in the library for local libraries if there isn’t one already. Become a member of the friends of the library and petition to support local authors with a few prominently placed shelves in the library.