How to Write an E-Book and Sell an E-Book in 6 Easy Steps

This is a good day for me to write an e-book or e-zine– it’s freezing cold outside and raining here in Silicon Valley.  It’s 60 degrees! I can hear you mid-Westerners and Easterners laughing right now. “This gal doesn’t know what cold really is!” you are saying. That’s okay with me–60 degrees is cold enough.

Any day is a good day to write an e-book. It is easier than you think. Find a quiet corner and I’ll show you the e-book elements and steps you need to write an e-book.

6 Easy Steps to Write and Sell an e-Book.

1.  The idea. The Vision.  We need a good idea for our readers and prospective clients. You notice, I didn’t say a good idea that I like-instead my idea must be something of value to my reader. It must be something that will motivate them to click on the link to buy and download my e-book.

2. Organize Your Thoughts.  We must come up with at least 10 topics to include in our e-book. Or if you just want to write a short e-book of less than 10 pages then come up with a shorter number of titles.  Start writing your topic ideas then organize them in the most logical manner.  For example, if you are writing about ’10 Easy Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly At All times,” your e-book will include 10 tips (10 topics).

3. Start Writing Freely. Begin writing your e-book based on your outline you created in #2. Since you are the expert in this field it should be easy to write down your ideas. Don’t worry about format, structure or grammar.  Just get your thoughts down in writing. Write freely.

4. Finalize Your e-Book. Now it’s time to put some structure in your e-book. Look in your e-book library and find the best organized e-book that you like. Follow the format of that e-book. Then ask yourself, “What is the easiest way to organize this so that my readers will understand it and follow it?” Always write from your reader’s point of view. Make it easy for your reader to find information and understand your concepts and thoughts.

5. Create Final Product.  Now you decide how to produce your product to make it easy for your reader to purchase it.  The most inexpensive and easiest way is to produce a PDF file.  All computers now usually come with the PDF format available to use from Adobe. On my computer I press the ‘PRINT’ button and I can choose PDF from a choice of printing options. It then will produce a PDF file for me that go to my Desktop.

I like PDF files because they look professional. Can someone copy your PDF file? Yes, if they have the Adobe software. However, unless you are creating a “Harry Potter” bestseller book, it is a good way to get started producing e-books. Most of the e-books you order are produced this way. There are other software products that state they make your eBook harder to copy, but they are cumbersome to read because they usually separate every chapter and you can’t print them out easily. They are not available for a Mac computer. I still like to read long articles on the printed page instead of online.

6. Sell your e-Book. 

Website. If you have a website set up then you will want to sell the e-book on your website. If you don’t know how to do this, hire a savvy Internet student to help you set it up on your site. You need a way to collect your money. I would start out with a PayPal account because it covers International countries that might want to buy your e-book. Later when you are financially successful you can add a commercial credit card service, but PayPal let’s everyone use their credit cards now so it is easy to get started.

Digital Products Retailer. If you do not have a website then start with a digital product retailer such as Clickbank, Payloadz, and others. You store your e-book on their site and they take a small profit for every e-book that’s sold on their site.  Get the word out. What you have to do is send out e-mail messages to your list announcing your e-book and the great benefits your reader will get by buying it.  You can also ask your friends if they would send a message to their list of friends and colleagues announcing your e-book. 

This is a great rainy day or any day project: Write and sell an e-book in 6 easy steps. Now is the time to start writing and who knows by the time the rain stops you may be finished!