How to Choose Books to Read to Your Baby From Birth to One Year Old

Reading to babies can be such a joyful experience if you choose the right books. How do new parents go about finding the right books to read to their babies? With a few tips and in a matter of minutes you can be stocked up and ready to go.

The best time to begin reading to your baby is in the beginning. Some parents opt to read to their babies while in utero and experience fabulous results. Other parents prefer to read to their babies at birth. The best advice as to when to start reading to your baby is the sooner you start, the better.

During your baby’s first years of life, they are acquiring the language skills they will use for a lifetime. These are very easily developed when parents stimulate their babies with language through direct conversations and through reading to them.

The best way to choose a variety of books to read to your baby involves a few procedures. First of all, try to think back to books you enjoyed as a child. You may want to begin there. If you are not predisposed to any favorites, then you can look up some bestselling children’s books on Amazon. On Amazon you can read reviews to see why other people liked or disliked a particular book. This is often very helpful in choosing books. There are also bookselling clubs that offer a variety of books delivered to your home.

My favorite way of getting new books to read to my children is to look at lists such as Top 100 Children’s Books. My library offers online service. I just look for top rated children’s books and then search my library’s catalog to see if they are available. I request a hold and the library calls me when the books are available.

Using the library has allowed me to expose my children to hundreds of books at no cost. If we have a favorite we may purchase it for our home library, or we just request it again and again. By not owning them, the novelty of my children’s favorite books never wears off and when they see a book they enjoyed it is like a welcome visit from an old friend.

The library has many board books as well. These are very nice for babies under one. They are able to handle the books without destroying the pages. Some books have textures and make noises, which on occasion are nice for baby to interact with.

Rhyming books are a lot of fun to read and you might as well just begin with Dr. Seuss. Try reading different types of books to your baby to discover what they like.