Books – Preserving Your Library

There are many book collectors who never read the books they buy to keep them in pristine condition. However, most people purchase books to read and enjoy. No matter what your reason for purchasing a book, you should take certain steps to preserve your library.

Don’t Write In Your Books

Some people make notes in margins, highlight, or write in their books. Ink can permanently damage your book and should be avoided if possible. If you simply can’t resist writing in a book, then use a pencil so it can be erased at a later date.

Keep Food and Drinks Away From Your Books

It is very tempting to grab a snack and beverage and sit down and read a good book. However food or drinks can greatly damage a book and ruin it forever. If you have to have a snack or drink while reading your book, make sure your fingers are clean and dry while reading. Make sure any table you set your book down on is dry and free from crumbs or stickiness.

Handle With Care

Anytime you are reading your book don’t dog-ear the pages, use a bookmark and try to avoid breaking the binding. Also, try to avoid placing the book face-down while it is open, this can break the binding and damage the spine of the book. You may also want to invest in a book cover to keep the dust jacket of your book in great condition.

When you shelve your books always store them standing up, not laying down or stacked on each other. This can damage the dust jackets. When you store your books make sure they have enough room so the top of the dust jacket does not scrape against the top of the shelf. Store your books out of direct sunlight and in a clean and dry environment. If you have to store your books in a basement or garage, put them in an airtight plastic bin to protect them from bugs, moisture and other damage. Don’t forget to put them in the bins standing up, not stacked on each other!

In Closing…

We all enjoy a good book, and many of us are avid readers and have amassed quite a substantial library. By taking care with our books we can read them time and time again and preserve them for future generations.