American Libraries and RFID Tags

RFID Tags seem to be perfectly suited for library inventory control. Many bookstores are planning on having them on every book to prevent theft and keep track of inventory, which makes sense.

Now with this new technology they are teaching the old world all it’s applications and bringing the most unexpected organization into the Modern Age:


We are seeing TI- Texas Instruments and other companies leading the charge. Even Microsoft is building a custom operating system especially designed to incorporate RFID tags for Small and Medium sized Businesses. With Wal-Mart, Gillette and the Department of Defense moving forward on projects, we are seeing huge increase in the venture capital and investment bank spending on the companies who will be leading the way in this new technology as well as large old companies spending on capital investments in research and development. What is so wonderful is that all this technology will be available to so many other important needs for instance Libraries, book mobiles and School Districts. This is an awesome advantage of transfer technologies and we should be thanking the US Military, Wal-Mart, The Free Market and the Financial Markets for this forward progression to make our lives run smoother and more efficient as we know that budgets are tight and every dollar counts in our libraries and schools.

One new technology being developed by Flash Scan, Corp.

Libraries are much easier to develop the technology for than let’s say Military Humvees, Wal-Mart Wooden Pallets, Gillette’s Fiber Board Pallets. One cannot but be impressed with the ingenuity of American entrepreneurs and the intensive capital being risked on up-coming innovations on nothing more than a chance to play. Anyone who thinks that American Business is down and out need to look no further than their local public library and the new hardware being installed which would make even Carnegie smile.

This white paper on Page: 6 has a couple of paragraphs of what some of these early adopters can expect for Video, Audio and Book Inventory Applications, which obviously lends itself to uses for libraries and school districts from: Zebra Technologies:


Now then if we look at the Training Sessions for Homeland Security, FBI, Annapolis Naval Academy, West Point, etc. By allowing the military which is already heavy into the RFID game and is learning a lot and moving the ball forward and allowing some of this basic research and development to be used in their libraries, universities, academies and top notched training facilities, we can have a world class system ready for transferability into other public sectors which can assist streamline efficiencies in education to make good on America’s commitment to the “No Child Left Behind Act” possible by freeing up monies and re-investing those monies into books, educational material for the class rooms so teachers do not have to use their own money. Also by having a more efficient system in America’s libraries, they can afford to run the air conditioning more in the summer thus attracting more people to come and read and better heat in the winter to make it comfortable to stay and read.

RFID makes sense for library inventory control, simplicity and efficiency which will provide greater cost savings to re-allocate for those things they desperately need. RFID on Book Mobiles also makes sense as the entire control system could be run by a PDA Windows CE Program which when not in use can be charged by the cigarette lighter in the vehicle since smoking is not allowed in book mobiles because the paper holds such scents. Any ideas along this line are welcomed.