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Choosing Books to Read to Your Child

I love to read to my children from the time they are babies. This sets the stage for them to love to read on their own as well, and I have been successful in bringing up children that love to read. I know this because my children spend at least an hour a day reading independently. But how did they get to this point? It is very important that we expose out children to the many wonderful books available so they develop a love for reading. Whereas many people may never know what to read, at any given time we have stacks of books by our bedside that we many never have time to read. The question parents may ask is, “How do I choose good books for my child?” It is pretty easy to do.

The first thing I would recommend is to take a trip to your local book store. Acquaint yourself with the children’s section by browsing the books that are out on display. While new books come and go, the best books are still around and you will see them on the shelves of the bookstore. This give you a chance to look through the books and even read them to your child. I like to visit the bookstore to see what books are new and read a few of them also. I prefer to buy only our very favorite books, the books that can be read countless times without tiring of them. When you find books like that you should add them to your collection. Make sure to bring a notepad so you can jot down titles that interest you.

I prefer not to buy all my books. In fact, I borrow most of my books from the local library. We are slowly purchasing our favorites but on any given day we have at least one hundred picture books in our home from the library. By having a nice selection of books to read we never get tired of reading time. Oftentimes I go to the bookstore just to write down the titles of books that look interesting. This way I can request them at my library and borrow them without investing in books that are just fair.

The Internet is also a valuable resource for finding great children’s books. I like to browse lists of the best children’s books and then request them from my library. is also a fabulous place to discover new books to read. Just do a search on a book you already like and it will bring up suggested lists of other books. Each time you click a new book you will see more choices. You can spend days browsing the books on Amazon and reading reviews from customers. If I want to know more about a book I am considering I always check Amazon first.

Library Kiosk Using Mobile Payment Scheme Needed Now

Why can’t my iPhone become my library card?

Well, the reality is it can, and some city and county libraries are already doing this, it makes sense. If you go to check out a book and you have unpaid library overdue notices or late fines, it will charge your iPhone, and if you have an iPhone app which allows you to do this, it will keep track of all the books you have checked out, along with those you’ve already checked out, and all of their due dates. In fact some of these apps now keep track of those due dates for you, and give you a reminder starting at three days before they are absolutely due.

That’s a pretty cool app isn’t it? Sure it is, as long as that information stays in your iPhone and no one else gets a hold of it. They often say you can judge a person by what they read, and I’m not saying you are, but if you were involved in any criminal activity, the first thing the FBI wants to look at is what you’ve been reading. Which makes sense if you are reading books on chemistry, but you work in a butcher shop, and someone suspects that you may be making bombs – well then you can understand why the FBI might want to figure out what you’re reading, as they put together a case.

No, I’m not trying to scare anyone away from using these library kiosk mobile payment systems, apps, or all this great new technology, rather I’m speaking to a future privacy issue. Personally I think this is a great app to use, and also a great technology so that libraries can cut costs with fewer employees. Also the younger people who tend to use the library for school work, will be able to log into the computers, check out books, and they are the same types of individuals who have this personal technology on them at all times.

Also, with all the electronic books that are available now at local libraries, perhaps the library can also sell an electronic book to you which will be downloaded onto your iPad, Kindle, or Nook and in the library will be able to make some money to help supplement their budget by selling e-books, perhaps harder to get e-books which cannot be found so easily. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this, and consider the future of iPhone library applications.