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The Burning Of The Library Of Alexandria

The burning of the library of Alexandria is one of the greatest tragedies in history. Let me put it this way in all likelihood if the library hadn’t been burned then we would probably be using warp drives or by the very least colonizing mars. However not matter how horrible the burning was there is no point to what ifs. But scholars and historians scratch their heads to this very day on how the library was burned. Any one of the following theories could be true. But also it could be all a joint action.

Before we go into theories of its demise lets look at little bit at the library itself. The city was founded by Alexander The Great who founded several cities called Alexandria. However the library itself was founded by his successor in Egypt. Ptolomy II Soter. The library was actually only a part of a museum. But not like the museums we know today the museum was meant to be a temple to the 9 muses. The other parts of the temple included a zoo shrines to each of the muses as well as several gardens and lecture areas. Though of course the most important part was the library itself.

The first suspect is Julius Caesar. Julius had been chasing Pompey. He had chased Pompey all the way into Egypt and Egypt took this is a military action and responded. Julius was quickly cut off from escape and outnumbered. In order to escape he needed to create a distraction and what better distraction then a really big fire? He lit several of his ships on fire and sent them into the Harbor of Alexandria. The fire could have easily spread to the Library.

There Library had so many books that it couldn’t hold all of it and there was another temple that held roughly 10% of the books called the temple of Serapis. However a Patriarch of the city of Alexandria Theophilius was a devout christian and had the temple converted and the majority of books burned. Also the final librarians of the great Library were killed in riots between Jews and Christians.

Caliph Omar is the last man to be blamed for destroying the great library. Caliph was a Moslem. The Moslems had conquered the city and the general had heard of the library which supposedly held all the information in the world. He asked his adviser Caliph who suggested that they burn the books to heat up the bath house. Since they would either agree with the Koran and there for be unnecessary or disagree in which case it would be heresy. It is said it took 6 months to burn all the books.

The Fate of the Library in Our Nation

In earlier times, when people had libraries of their own, it was considered a status symbol. For anybody who is an avid reader, a library is a source of inspiration and enjoyment. It is of course a source of information for many, but a great source of pleasure for those who have a reading habit. What is the future of the library as we know it?

The library definitely has a future, but in another form, the digital form. Reading as a hobby is certainly not obsolete, and people are actually reading more with the onset of the internet. There are many who still enjoy holding a book in the hand, turning the pages instead of reading on-screen. The future library will have a different look, as the information on it should cater to certain interested groups, and has to be planned that way.

The libraries in schools need to be made so attractive for the students that they will enjoy spending their time there. Make them into E-libraries, and have it constructed by the school architect. If it has some specially “value-added” qualities, it is natural that students would like to go there to get their information and reading material. It doesn’t matter whether a library is digital or not, it has to cater to the young generation of today who are more familiar with the net than books.

Not only in schools, but also in other educational institutions the digital library should be a good mixture of actual books as well as the IT program. The job of the librarian is to include as many programs as possible, so that access to the virtual and digital world is easy for students. People are not going to stop reading; just the format of presentation will undergo a change.

It is important for every library to realize that if the digital programs are made available with them, the same users who would earlier sift through reference books and spend long hours in the library, will again come back to them for the same information, but now digitalized. Whether they want to see films, watch DVDs or just update information, the library can offer the complete package.

Of course it is expensive to maintain a library full of books, and professionals like librarians, historians and archivists earlier were responsible for the collection and categorizing of books. There are still some people who enjoy reading a book than reading on a laptop. If enough funds are made available for libraries, it may be possible to maintain some old libraries where a qualified librarian can keep the collection up-to-date.

The craze for watching movies is not diminishing, and there are enough members for DVD and CD libraries. Many people are in the habit of downloading music and movies, which is illegal. In the long run, it is better to watch movies from DVD libraries, which most people are doing today.

Hence the future of the library looks exciting in its digital form resembling an activity hub. It will be a major change from the quiet library of the past, because several kinds of environments will be offered, in which each student can learn in his own way. After all, learning is the main aim in a library, and if that is achieved, the means are inconsequential.

Schaumburg Illinois Library – Childrens Programs

The Schaumburg Library is probably one of the best libraries in all of Illinois. The resources it provides are better that most college libraries. They have programs for every age and every reading level.

The Schaumburg Library provides an environment that will teach your kids to love reading and learning. The under two story time will start toddlers on their journey to loving reading. The story time leader will provide an animated story experience and give tips to parents on how to get their children to love reading.

The Schaumburg Library has a huge multimedia section with DVD, VHS, and music checkout. Also Schaumburg Library has a large amount of books on tape.

The first floor of the Schaumburg Library has the fiction area with all the best sellers. Near the best sellers section you have a quite reading section with a great environment next to a fireplace. Also located on the first floor is the children’s section with computers and a larger amount of children’s books from reading level 1 to Jr. High School. The children’s section also has a small computer lab for educational games and fun.

The second floor of the Schaumburg Library has the computer lab and the non-fiction literature. The second floor is also the quiet study area. Schaumburg library also provides Wi-Fi Internet access and drive up book pick-up and drop off.

The Schaumburg library holds tons of events for kids and has a summer concert schedule, which takes place in the outdoor theater. The Schaumburg library is not just a library it is a corner stone of Schaumburg Village.