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Best Books – Find Classic Books For Education Or Personal Enjoyment

Our family are book lovers who have learned together for over 10 years. The foundation of our education curriculum is the reading of good books coupled with thorough mathematics. We focus on reading good, classic, “living books” rather than a textbook or workbook approach. Over the years, we’ve found many recommendation lists. All suggest many quality books for each age level, all focusing on various historical periods or other broad themes.

A wonderful problem exists for teachers – there’s too much good material to teach! As we were confronted with a dozen or more solid reading-based plans, each recommending hundreds of books, choosing what few books to read each year became a fun, but difficult, problem. We would see what books the various lists had in common for a given reading level, what we could find affordably online, and what we could find at the library. We’d narrow down further based on the type of work – classic literature vs. biographies vs. general narratives, etc. and then the historical period the book covered – ancient vs. middle ages vs. modern, etc. In this way, we planned very personalized, interesting reading. This is a difficult yet rewarding process. It works but there are other helpful methods.

Rather than forming your own personalized plan, another idea is to just pick one of the many published plans and ignore the others. Some of the plans we recommend are from Sonlight, Veritas Press, and Robinson Curriculum. Another solution is to use one of several book guides that help categorize books. These include Honey for a Child’s Heart, The Book Tree, All Through The Ages, and Invitation to the Classics. These are flexible and helpful but still require a lot of page turning, indexing, and offer no direct online access to book vendors or libraries that can help quickly determine what is available at a reasonable cost.

The best solution is an online book list that can be easily searched and sorted by different criteria of reading level, historical era, type, price, etc. There are many online lists, though most are static lists you cannot easily search or sort. Many bloggers maintain lists of favorite books. Several sites provide more powerful search and sort capabilities. One popular example is Library Thing, tagging books for various categories. Another powerful site is Every Good Book providing searching and sorting of classic books, based on the book’s time period, type, reading level, popularity, and even cost.

Half Price Books

Are you an avid reader that is always looking for a great deal on your next great read? Reading provides many benefits and is a great hobby to have. However, the cost of buying books can add up. You may have heard of people getting half price books and wondered how you could do the same. There are several ways to get books for half price, or even less. The following are just a few great ways to find half price books.

Used Book Stores

As their name implies, these stores sell used books. While that may mean that the covers may be worn and there may some other imperfections, it also means that the books will sell for less than their retail price. Many used book stores sell books for half price and less. Some used book stores will even buy your used books or allow you to trade in your books for their books, which would save you even more money.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a great place to find bargains, and this means bargain books as well. At garage sales, you will find books with their prices slashed well below what they can bought for in stores. It is unlikely that you will even have to go up to half price to buy these books. Many garage sales sell books for a mere dollar or some other small amount.

Look at your local newspapers for announcements of garage sales. Also, keep an eye out when driving through neighborhoods and you will likely see a sign for an upcoming garage sale.


Today, the Internet is a great place to find bargains. There are so many places online that you can find half price books, or books for even less than half price. Normal bookstores maintain websites and may have special discounts available on those sites.

You can also find books on Ebay, where you can bid for the books and the highest bidder will win the books at a price that will likely be quite lower than retail price.

Also, you can find used book stores online. These websites will offer the same advantages as a brick and mortar used bookstores, but may have even lower prices and have a greater selection.

Reading Clubs

You can join a reading club. These are clubs where people who enjoy reading trade books. This can be a way to get to read a lot of books without having to pay much. In addition, these groups will help you learn what books you may be interested in reading and where you can find them for a good deal.


Of course the library lets you check out books for free and use them, which will save you quite a bit of money. Often, the library will also have book sales where you can buy books at a discounted price. Ask your local library if they are having a sale coming up soon.

Go Read

Use the above tips to find some half price books and continue to enjoy your hobby.