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Friends of Library Trust System Perpetual Book Sale Programs Considered

Not long ago, I went to the local library to look over some used books at the book sale, and while I was there I listened to an author give a speech on a new book she had written about local history. While I was there, and prior to the book talk, the “friends of the library” gave their treasure’s report, and installed their latest board members. It was great to meet everyone, enjoy some refreshments, and learn a little bit of history. Now then, you must remember this is a very small library in a very small community.

You would think that the friends of the library wouldn’t make very much money on used book sales. But you’d be wrong about that, they have consistently made money every single month even in a very small space with not all that many books for sale. Best of all, the books they do sell, sell for a very low price which is of benefit to members of our community. Their system is quite simple. It is a perpetual book sale. It is not staffed by anyone, rather the citizens buying the books are entrusted to stick their money in a small box. That’s how they do it.

After thinking on this I thought to myself; “Why even a very small library can make $300 to $400 per month this way, even selling used paper backs for $.25 to $.50 and hard back books for one dollar, and kid’s or children’s books for $.10 each.”

There is no reason that even the smallest in tiniest libraries can’t sell used books and make enough money to make it all worthwhile, especially if those books are donated. As long as they have a good treasurer who doesn’t like to write checks, but likes to collect income, donations, and sponsors they should be all right. At least this is what I garnered from listening to the treasurer’s report and our local friends of the library group. They truly are a great part of our community and it is terrific to see all of the volunteers who care so much.

If your town or community is in a similar situation, you might consider what I said here today, and see what you can do about starting a perpetual book sale program to raise extra money for those things on your library’s wish list, so you can do even more for your youth, retired folks, and all those committed to a lifetime of learning. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Save Big Bucks On Business Books

Time and money… most small business owners could do with more. So how can you read all those great publications, news stories, business books, magazines…without breaking the bank? Just as importantly, where do you find the time to search for all these books?

Many small business owners and prospective business owners have never considered utilizing their local library to save time and money. The great thing about technology is that it has made it easier than ever to obtain the business books you have been hearing about, but don’t want to spend money on until–or unless–you know they will be an ongoing resource.

Before you run out and buy dozens, or even one business book, consider checking it out from the library first. Often, you only need one or two of the ideas the book proposes. Other times, this may be a book that you turn to time and again as a source of ideas, inspiration and advice. You don’t know which it will be, however, until you have a chance to spend some time with the book. Therefore, save your money–order the book or check it out from the library first–buy it later if it is worth it to you.

Even better, with the advances in technology, in most areas you can access books through your local library’s network website, which saves you the time of browsing stacks in multiple locations. Basically, you are able to access books from multiple libraries throughout your metro area or state by simply having a local library card…and without having to go to those libraries to get the books (similar to ordering books through an online retailer, but you don’t have to pay for them).

Its usually very simple: log on to your local library website, search title, author, keyword….find the book you want, click “Place Hold” and select the library you would like to pick the book up at…and a few days later, your friendly librarian will call you to let you know the book is ready for pick up. In most cases, this is an entirely FREE service, and is available to anyone who holds a library card with a participating library.

So save your time…and money! Before you decide to run out and buy all those books, utilize the resources your tax dollars are already paying for.

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