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Computers in Libraries Won’t Replace Books Anytime Soon

The idea of a paperless society has been the dream of computer enthusiasts for many years. Along with the “cashless society”, the hope that computers would replace the written word has resonated through sections of American society for many years. Although home computer usage has grown incredibly in the last 15 years making this seemingly possible in the near future, government agencies are slow to catch up. Libraries will have shelves of books for many years too come.

With home computer and Internet usage at an all time high it is no surprise that public libraries are struggling to make ends meet. Research that would have in the past required the use of a library can now be done much faster using a home PC and a few hours on Google. Couple this with the fact that library computers are generally out of date and over crowded, home research becomes the obvious choice. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in association with the American Library Association (ALA) recently funded a study that shows the demand for computer and Internet services has stretched existing library resources to capacity. The study also shows that “more than 73% of libraries reported that they are the only source of free public access to computers and the Internet on their communities”. Although there is clearly great demand for these resources, there is little growth ahead. During peak usage hours it is not uncommon in some communities to have an hour wait time for computer access, and only 25% of all libraries report they have the computers to meet demand according to the ALA. Most libraries have not had a substantial increase in computers or technology since 2002.

This lack of technology is doing the most harm to the poor. Americans who have home computers and a fast Internet connection may not realize that large portions of society are cut off from the potential this technology can bring. Many Americans are now at the point where they could not imagine not being able to access the Internet, and the knowledge that would be denied is enormous. As a bastion of knowledge it has fallen to libraries to upgrade their capabilities and help more people access the information they need.

Cost is an issue in upgrading the existing public library technology infrastructure. Tax revenue is still the primary method of funding public libraries, but local government taxes have not been enough for a long time. It has become necessary to increase fines associated with library use and solicit donations in order to make ends meet and provide information services to patrons in need of a computer. Even using older refurbished laptops and desktops that have been donated or purchased has not offered enough saving to allow libraries to catch up to demand.

A new method of cutting costs and reducing computer wait time is wireless networking. By using wireless and Satellite Internet more than 17% of libraries claim they can reduce wait time by becoming a “Wireless Hot Spot” and allowing patrons to access the Internet from their own laptops as well as the library’s. This solution also solves many bandwidth issues libraries are having, but not all. Considering that some libraries still use dial-up Internet access any improvement in this area would be helpful.

The Library Book Drop Off and 100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards Marketing Strategy

To succeed in marketing as a marketer must apply specific rules and guidelines. You might have learned a lot hearing the points of view of expert marketers. But amid those that you have heard from, what seems to be so appealing and remarkable? Probably you’d be telling me that the best thing you’ve learned is attraction marketing. Then perhaps you have listened well! Attraction marketing is the common ground of all marketing geniuses.

Let this article shape your marketing skills and develop you into a potential marketer. If you opt to take the path of marketing, you must motivate yourself by mind setting that the slaughter house of collapse is not your future. And that you might encounter collapse on the thousand of your steps, however victory awaits you at the top. Regardless how small or simple your approaches are, still it cannot be a sentiment to be used to question your competence. Repeated small attempts will complete undertaking. Take no notice of the obstacles on your feet and keep your eyes on the goal above your head. Be persistent! Be successful!

Success in marketing is primarily seen through effective marketing strategies. I will be imparting familiar strategies adopted by most expert marketers. These strategies are offline, for that reason it will be consisted of different tools and materials to actualize marketing. It isn’t adequate to question the functionality of offline marketing strategies just because they are less technical. Sometimes organic methods are much appreciated rather than those that are fabricated.

Offline marketing strategies can be used to boost your sales and profits. Two of the prominent offline marketing strategies are the library book drop off and 100 dollar bill drop cards. I guess you have heard about these strategies already in some marketing conferences that you have attended. But in case you miss to see into the worth and work around of these two, let us converse how to maximize them.

Library book drop off is a distinctive method which focuses on gathering quality people. Unique from other marketing strategies, library book drop off does not target quantity. Attracting quality people would guarantee strong foundation.

You can employ any kind of book, regardless if they are new or not. Then again, you must make sure that your kind of book will attract the kind of target that you want. If you draw on books about improving sports skills, then certainly your target must be the sports people. Once you’ve decided for your kind of books, have it stamped. Common remarks for this kind of approach would usually say, “For business opportunities in Arizona area, contact Marketing Guru at“.

You may change the message according to your location, name, and website. Donate the book to the library once you’re through stamping it with some sort of advertisement. Yes, as easy as that! Let it season and you will be amazed to be viewing queries and feedbacks from diverse kinds of people.

The 100 dollar bill drop card is used even on the early years of marketing. This is an additional tool of advertisement. You can also put some notes inside the drop card to showcase your business. There are lots of ideal settings for 100 dollar bill drop cards. Airports, airplanes, bookstores, apartments, and gasoline stations are just few of the Two effective locations.