Book Collection Software That Impressed Me

If you have an extensive book collection or eBook library that you want to catalog, All My Books is the software solution that you have been looking for. If you want to keep track of your books and all of their details, as well as where they are or who they have been loaned to, then having a book collection program or an eBook library software solution is the ideal solution for you.

With book organizer software you will finally be able to keep pace with your book collection, easily categorizing and cataloging your books so that you can keep track of what books you have, where they are, and a whole lot more. It is far easier to locate one of your books in book collection software or a book catalog than to rummage through numerous bookshelves trying to find the tome that you are looking for.

Creating your own electronic book collection by hand would be a tedious process, so if you want your own book or eBook library, why not find a software solution that will guarantee the results for you? All My Books is designed to load all of the information on your books through online sources in only a few seconds. All you need to do is fill in one of the fields, either book title, author name or the ISBN for the book. Once you select the right book from the search results, the software will do the rest of the work by looking up and retrieving all of the associated information.

All My Books offers fast downloading from internet book databases, giving you the information you need about the books that you own, including full plot synopsis, reviews and a copy of the book cover. This will allow you to find the information that you need for the books that you own. You can alter the visual appearance of your library using skins with HTML templates that are editable. Each book that you have in your database has its own book card, with a large number of starting standard fields including title, author, ISBN, genre, publishing house information, binding style, number of pages, location, number of copies, rating and much more. This will allow you not only to find the books you need, but also keep all of their vital statistics in one neatly organized place for easy retrieval.

You can also create your own fields, with the capability for an unlimited number of additional text and Boolean user defined fields, as well as the capability of statistical information for the book collection itself in addition to the books themselves, allowing you to keep statistics for genres, authors, bindings and so on. Using specified search criteria you can quickly search for titles and other information using both standard and user defined fields to locate the specific books that you are looking for in your collection, making keeping your collection of print books or eBooks much easier than ever.

Business Audio Books to Download

Do you need help with your business but just can’t find the time (or don’t have eyes) to read helpful books? If you need tips or brilliant ideas on the go, why don’t you try audio books?

Audio books are great aids for those who are too busy to read, not inclined to read, or are visually impaired.

They are produced in different media – CDs, cassette tapes, preloaded digital formats, and downloadable digital formats (MP3 or WMA Audio Book Format). Listening can be exciting as you learn many new and unique ideas from your audio book library!

These are not necessarily audio versions of the written books that are simply read and recorded word for word (unabridged audio books). They can also be recorded spoken programs.

They cover a lot of categories such as fiction, comic, war, and other interesting genres of the users’ choice. For the business-minded people, there are plenty to download.

Business audio books, as the term implies, deal on a very wide range of business related issues such as economics, biography of the business world, finance and investment, internet, leadership, real estate, marketing aids, management, starting a business, becoming a successful salesmen, strategies and business development audio books, etc.

All you have to do is download your best choice from the internet and listen conveniently at home, in transit, or while having a break from work.

If you wish to download several of these books, discounts are available. Some bookstores even offer free audio books apart from the titles they sell. You can download any of these freebies anytime.

Audio Book Stores can offer a wide range of downloadable options from their collections, including the business-related ones.

Isn’t it great having these resources at hand? You are not just having fun listening to the recordings; you are also updated on the latest ideas you need for your business. You learn fast from the best.

Library Science Degree Online Program – A Degree That Can Take You Places

Graduating from a library science degree online is a solid achievement both in terms of its importance to society and one’s career. Many librarians today hold this degree and there is no question that they are in a profession that is very significant.

For one thing, librarians are custodians of information. Library users rely on them for information that nurtures their talents and provide a solid base for them to develop into fruitful citizens.

Think about it. Many of the world’s intellectuals and scientists cultivated interests in their fields from early in their lives. As youngsters, they used to go down to libraries and read books and magazines of interest. Who do you think would have helped them to source those books? None other than librarians.

But the role of librarians have gone beyond merely telling library users where they can find books or telling chatty kids to be quiet.

In today’s information age and increasing demand for non-traditional types of information such as CDs and database sources, librarians need to be well trained in information technology. Furthermore, they need to have their fingers on the pulse of the type of information that their users are demanding.

Librarians use the latest information technologies to perform research, archive and classify material and help patrons locate hard to find information on databases. For the modern day librarian to function effectively, he needs certain skills. This is where a library science degree online comes in.

This degree trains students to apply the tools of knowledge management and information technology to information storage and material. And let us not forget that libraries have to pay the bills. Librarians with significant experience can end up in positions of management as well.

By doing a library science degree online, you are giving yourself a degree of flexibility that is not available with campus based degree programs. For example, you can study at your own pace whether you are home or at the office.

Online degree programs can be completed anywhere you have a computer connection. It does not matter if you live in a big city or in the mountains of Colorado.

As a holder of this degree, you will be pleased to know that the median salary of a librarian is highly respectable. And if you move up the ladder and end up in library management – you will earn even more.

When you are ready to pursue this degree program, it is critical to ensure that the university you intend on applying to fulfills a particular criterion. Once this criterion is fulfilled, you would have significant increased your employability in the field.